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T Beam Production Line

1. Description of Automatic T-beam Production Line
Description of Automatic T-beam Production Line

The T beam welding production line is suitable for building the ship hull structure. The complete process of our T-beam production line is composed of CNC cutting machine, plate chamfering machinery, t-beam assembling machines, gantry type multi-head welding machine and hydraulic straightening equipment. This line made in our company is featuring in high automation, smooth technology, easy operation, reasonable design, safe and reliable, which is perfect equipment for manufacturing T-beam.

2. T-beam Welding Processing Flow
T-beam Welding Process Flow

Cut→ Flange chamfer → T Assembly →Multi-head weld → Straighten

Main Technical Parameter:

Flange Width 75-500mm
Flange Thickness 8-25mm
Web Height 200-900mm
Web Thickness 8-16mm
Work Piece Length 5000-12000mm
3. Chamfering Machine TRF50
Chamfering Machine TRF50

This chamfering machine is the specified designed equipment for deburr and blunt of shape-angle of T-beam flange. The working process of this machine is as follows.
There is a cavity made from 2 pairs of main pressing roller. And the cavity is right matching the plate size. At the same time, there is certain hydraulic cylinder that can make the pair of the roller kept in certain relative pressure. So, when the plate is send in certain speed through the conveyor and then main pressing roller through cavity, the four corners of plate will be blunted, deburred under the action of squeezing-force, burr stripped, attaining chamfering purpose for the round-transfer at four corners of the cavity.

Main Technical Parameter:

Flange Width 75-500mm
Flange Thickness 8-25mm
Flange Length 5-12m
Chamfering Speed 12m/min
Max. Hydraulic pressure 14Mpa
Gas Pressure 4-0.6Mpa
4. T-beam Assembling Machine TZ15
T-beam Assembling Machine TZ15

The TZ15 assembling machine is a normal machine in the T bean production line. This machine is specially designed for T-beam assembling. During t he welding process of the T beam, the flange and web are positioned, fed and spot welded by the auto clamping-aligning unit. The accurate seam-tracing system in this process makes preparation and welding simple and easy.

Main Technical Parameter:

Flange Width 75-500mm
Web Height 200-1500mm
Work Piece Length 12mm
Assembling Speed 0.5-6m/min
5. Gantry Type Multi-head Welding Machine TMH45
Gantry Type Multi-head Welding Machine TMH45

The gantry type T-beam multi-head welding machine made in our company is a kind of very popular equipment used in T-beam production line. With the adoption of 6 sets of welding units in 3-positions, the machine boosts welding work efficiency greatly. In the mean while, the double-drive controlled with inverter motor can make the welding work convenient speed-controlled, and realizing a high-speed returning. The fast, high efficiency performance of the T-beam multi-head welding machine assures extensive application in the welding of section.

Main Technical Parameter:

Web Height 200-800mm
Flange Width 100-300mm
T-beam Length 4-12m
Weight of T-beam ≤4t
Left/Right Tracing Distance 80mm
Up/Down Tracing Distance 80mm
Gantry Travel Speed 100-6000mm/min (stepless adjustable)
Cylinder Working Pressure 10Mpa
Positioning Sliding Block Travel Distance 400mm
Sliding-plate Horizontal Travel Distance 1000mm
Gantry Mechanism Power 10Kw
Hydraulic Station Power 7.5Kw
6. Hydraulic Straightening Machine TYJ500
Hydraulic Straightening Machine TYJ500

This hydraulic straightening machine in our company is specially designed for the straightening of heavy duty H or T beam in the welding process. What we have to emphasize is that this heavy duty straightening machine has big different with the normal H/T beam straightening machine. This machinery adopt the straightening principle of pressing wheel stretching at same axis line, and the up-pressing wheel is controlled by hydraulic cylinder to up/down moving. This machine is furthers in equal receiving force on flange when straightening, simple structure and easy operation. What more, the machine is fitted with floating roller structure , which is hydraulic controlled. It is the very important machine for producing heavy steel T beam production.

Main Technical Parameter:

Flange Width 75-500mm
Flange Thickness 8-25mm
Straightening Speed 6m/min

By absorbing merits of similar T beam production line and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family T beam production line products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, hydraulic straightening machine, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei T beam production line have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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