Hydraulic Turning Machine

The hydraulic overturning machine is a kind of common welding equipment that used to turning heavy steel H-beam and box-beam or moving them to the certain place. There are 3 types of overturning machine depends on the turning requirements.

1. 60° Overturning Structure
60° Overturning Structure

The 60° overturning machine structures like this: there three sets of overturning frames and each overturning frame is composed of two bases. For the overturning frames, one of them is L shape, and two arms connected by steels pipes as a whole. And there is also hydraulic cylinder equipped in this machine.
The working process is like this: one group three sets turning arms returning at the same time synchrony movement is controlled by synchrony valve on hydraulic pump station, while overturning angle can be set up randomly by stroke switch.

Main Parameter:

Overturning Angle 0-60°
Weight of Work Piece 15T/group
Diameter of Cylinder ¢125mm
Power of Station 16Mpa
2. 90° Overturning Structure
90° Overturning Structure

The 90° turning machine is the assisting equipment for the assembling machine in the H-beam heavy duty production line. Three are 3 sets in one group usually, and used for make the H-beam from vertical position to horizontal position by 900 turning, in order to be conveyed to next step for welding. The "L" type turning arm is driven by hydraulic cylinder, the 3 sets will turn synchronize because there is a synchronize valve on the hydraulic station.

Main Technical Parameter:

Hydraulic Turning over angle 900
Applicable Work piece Web Height: 200mm-1500mm
Flange Width: 200mm-800mm
The maximum Weight of Turning over Work piece 15T/piece
Hydraulic System Pressure 14Mpa
3. 180° Overturning Structure
180° Overturning Structure

Our YF08B type 180° overturning structure has three sets of overturning frames with each group consists of two sets supports for one group work together. This machine is used for turning heavy steel H-beam and box-beam. The turning wok is needed when work piece overturn after one-side welding finish. In the welding process, the machine drives the two rocker synchronization running through two hydraulic cylinders to overturn synchronism to move and overturn the beam to the middle of roller structure when it has one-side welding finished. After that the beam is transported to the next working productive welding or other task. The overturn should be equipped with the reducer motor and stepped wheel, it has merits of high hydraulic overturning force, stable and safety.

Main Technical Parameters:

Gauge 700mm
Weight of Work-piece ≤15T/group
Running Speed 5m/min
Power of Running Motor 1.5Kw
Main Technical Parameter:
Gauge of Trolley 1150 mm Returning Speed 4.5 m/min
Width of Flange Plate 200-800 mm Main Machine Power
Thickness of Flange Plate 6-60mm Power of Flux Recovery Machine 3 Kw
Height of Web Plate 200mm-1500 mm
Welding Speed 0.15-1.5 mm/min

By absorbing merits of similar hydraulic turning machine and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family hydraulic turning machine products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, box beam production line., and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei hydraulic turning machine have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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