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Box beam welding production line

As the development of steel structure market, box-beam will be used more an more widely in many fields like bridge, power station, boiler and high building etc. This production line is proceeding from technological point such as lay-off cutting, manufacturing groove, assembling clapboard inside, U style assembling, box assembling, electro-slag welding, box welding, manufacturing edge face, shot blasting and so on.. Meanwhile, equipped with the main process equipment, box-beam is always big and heavy, so we must add the conveyer by roller and steel conveyer turning-over equipments to realize the part of automatic operation in the process of technical production. We can produce gate form and cantilever form, depending on the customers’ requirement.

Main Technical Parameters:

Box Beam Width 300-1200mm
Box Beam Height 300-1200mm
Box Beam Length 4000-15000mm
Thickness 20-60mm
Box Beam Weight ≦20t
Annual Capacity 1200t
1. XJZ Series Baffle Assembling Machine
XJZ Series Baffle Assembling Machine

This is the special machine for the baffler assembling and welding in the middle of Box-beam. It has the orientation-fixing device, in order to guaranty the correct positioning of the box beam baffler assembling and prevent the distortion in welding, which can move and adjust the position according to the different work piece dimension on the working platform.

Main Technical Parameters:

Working piece dimension 300-1200mm
Working piece thickness ≦80mm
Working table loading capacity 1500kg
Tilting speed 1rp m
Revolving center height 1000mm
Working table tilting angle ±1800
2. XQ12 Tandem Twin Gas-Shield Backing Welding Machine
XQ12 Tandem Twin Gas-Shield Backing Welding Machine

This machine is mainly used for the tandem twin gas-shield backing welding of assembled Box-beam. The welding arm with welding torch can do the horizontal and elevating traveling by the slide board and trolley, which makes the welding gun aiming at the seam. It has mechanical seaming tracker and the trolley moves with the welding speed to make the automatic backing welding for the Box-beam bevel side fillet welding seam at flat.

Main Technical Parameter:

Work piece cross-section 300×300-1200×1200mm
Work piece length 4000-15000mm
Welding speed 0.24-2.4m/min
Free speed 3m/min
3. Box Beam Assembling Machine
Box Beam Assembling Machine

This machine is used for box-beam and U-beam assembling. The plate is placed on the bracket with assistant center device, the motor drives the moving gantry into working area, the up-press cylinder and side-press cylinder presses the web plate and flange plate, and then finishes the assembling and spot welding of the part. This equipment consists of rails, traveling units, machine structure and platform, top clamping units, side clamping unit, hydraulic system, electrical control unit etc.

Main technical parameters:

Width of applicable box-beam 300-1200mm
Height of applicable box-beam 300-1200mm
Welding speed 250-1500mm
Returning speed 4000mm/min
4. XD12 Column Beam Electro-Slag Welding Machine
XD12 Column Beam Electro-Slag Welding Machine

In order to weld the inner baffler and the round of Box-beam more strictly, the Box-beam will pre-keep the space for the vertical electro slag welding between the baffle and its round sides. This machine can do the vertical electro slag welding for the work piece pre-kept hole. The customer can select the nozzle consume type electro slag welding or wire consume type electro slag welding.

Main Technical parameters:

Work-piece cross-section 300×300-1200×1200mm
Work-piece length 4000-15000mm
Trolley speed 6m/min
Trolley rail span 1000m/min
5. LHF Column Beam Tandem Twin Machine
LHF Column Beam Tandem Twin Machine

This machine is to do the tandem twin SAW after the electro slag welding of box beam. The two sets SAW head can weld two lines at the same time. The seam tracker can track the welding seams reliably and welding speed is controlled by inverter and digital displayed. The tamed, arc welding is with advantage of high efficiency and reliable and stable quality.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model No. LHF12
Work piece cross-section 300×300-1200×1200mm
Suitable work piece 4000-15000mm
Welding speed 0.24-204m/min
Gas pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa
Trolley rail span 1400mm
6. End Face Milling Machine
End Face Milling Machine

This machine is used to mill the end face of Box-beam and H-beam, and the degree of milling head can be adjusted manually in vertical direction to bevel the end face. The hydraulic support rack for choice can fix the beam and is open top, which is easy for hoisting.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model No. DX1215 DX1520
Section height 1200mm 1500mm
Section width 1500mm 2000mm
Milling ghead power 5.5kw
Vertical milling speed 55-500mm/min
Horizontal milling speed 50-440mm/min
Milling angle 0-45°
7. XBJ Series of edge Milling Machine
XBJ Series of edge Milling Machine

This machine use craftwork of milling and supersede former planning. It is applicable to mill straight edge, sloping edge and V type groove of plate before welding the slab. It greatly improves production efficiency and quality, meanwhile reduces the cost. It is the first choice of products in many trades, such as pressure vessel, shipping, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry and mechanism etc.
The machine is mainly composed of lathe bed and pressing beam accessories, flexing organ, milling tip, tool tip adjusting organ and hydraulic and electric control system. Hydrqulic lifting mechanism of steel plates is added on the lathe bed, convenient to feed and recede the material; the upper pressing beam assembly, which is safe to operate, is made of full hydraulic compaction. Moving feed organ use FC steeples timing, which can actualize easily to adjust the feeding rate of milling. Tool tip can be adjusted from 0°to 45°and the height of tool tip can be adjusted by electric elevating.

Main Technical Parameters:

Items XBJ-6 XBJ-9 XBJ-12 XBJ-15 XBJ-25SB
Thickness of plate by milling 6-50mm
Maximum depth of milling on time 4mm 4mm Single head power
Length of tool tip milling 4mm 4mm Single head power
Effective length of milling 6m 9m 12m 15m 25m 25m
Transmission of milling tip 80-400rpm
Feed rate of milling 0.25-0.6m/min
Velocity of fast forward 2.0m/min
Numbers of hydraulic cylinder 9 1.3 17 21 26
Amount of manual screw pressure foot / 25
Operation pressure of hydraulic system 2.5Mpa
Whole power of assembling machine 12.7kw
Outline dimension 8700
Weight of machine 12T 16T 19T 24T 57T
8. YFJS-20T Steel Conveyer Turning Over Machine
YFJS-20T Steel Conveyer Turning Over Machine

This machine is parallel steel conveying and turning-over integrative one

Main Technical Parameters:

Max. load capacity 20T/group
Turning-over speed 1m/min
Moving speed 6m/min
Hydraulic system pressure 16Mpa
Total power 16kw
9. YGJ-15 Steel Moving Machine
YGJ-15 Steel Moving Machine

Main Technical Parameter:

Max. load capacity 30T/set
Moving speed 7.5m/min
Elevating routine of the platform 140mm
10. 90°Hydraulic Turning Over Rack
90°Hydraulic Turning Over Rack

Main Technical Parameter

Turning-over angle 90°
Max. load capacity 20T/set
Hydraulic system pressure 16Mpa
Lay-off Beveling Marking Assembling reinforcing plate Installing
Clearaway the electroslag feeder BOX electro-slag
Box-beam 90°plate
BOX assembling U assembling
BOX welding 1 BOX welding 2 Correcting Milling edge face 1 Milling edge face 2
Packaging for leaving factory Weld connecting plate according to practical Weld flange according To practical

By absorbing merits of similar box beam production line and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family box beam production line products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei box beam production line have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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