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  • Cutting Platform1. Over-travel auto positioning and soft positioning protection is available.
    2. The newly mazy prevention and z-axis completely enclosed design...
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  • CNC Controller1. 3 Axis Linkage Motion Control:
    Two-dimensional and three-dimensional programs are running independently or simultaneously...
  • Dynamic-tilt Cutting Head
  • Dynamic-tilt Cutting HeadSALEI dynamic-tilt cutting head with tolerance control can produce high-precision parts, and can cut faster remarkably than...
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  • High Pressure SystemSalei Waterjet Company has developed an unique double pressure system, so that the high pressure
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    Thinkness: 2
    Nozzle(mm): 0.76
    Orificeo(mm): 0.26/0.36...
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  • Waterjet AccessoriesAbrasive is the most source of cutting cost. Optimizing abrasive feeding quantity is extremely important to successful cutting of a water jet...

CNC Waterjet Cutter (Water Jet Cutting Machine)

1. Description:
A CNC waterjet cutter, which also known as CNC water jet cutting machine, is a kind of equipment capable of slicing into metal or other materials (such as granite) using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The cutting process is just the same as water erosion that we can see in nature, but greatly accelerated and concentrated compared to that nature process. The machine is widely used in the fabrication or manufacture of parts for machinery and other devices. It is the preferred cutting method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. The machine nowadays is widely used in a diverse number of industries from mining to aerospace, for the operations such as cutting, shaping, carving, and reaming and so on. Material such as acrylics, hard face polymers, hardened steel, mild steel, ceramics, wood, wrought iron, fiberglass are all available for this machine.

2. Benefit Of Water Jet Cutting Machine:
(1) No Heat-Affected Zone, No Changing Inherent Structure
An important benefit of the CNC waterjet cutter is its ability to cut material without interfering with the material’s inherent structure. Because there is no heat-affected zone, this makes the metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.
(2) Green Technology without Hazardous Waste
The water jet cutting method is considered as a green technology for it is no hazardous waste, reducing waste disposal costs.
During the cutting process, it only use very little water and the water that is used can be recycled using a closed-looped system in this machine.
This method can also eliminate airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminants when cutting materials such as asbestos and fiberglass so as to improves the work environment and reduces problems arising from operator exposure.
(3) Various Cutting Range
The kerf, or width, of the cutter can be changed by changing parts in the nozzle of the machine.
Typical abrasive cuts are made with a kerf in the range of 0.04" to 0.05" (1.016 to 1.27 mm), but it is also can be as narrow as 0.02" (0.508 mm). Non-abrasive cuts are normally 0.007" to 0.013" (0.178 to 0.33 mm), but can be as small as 0.003" (0.076 mm), which is approximately the width of a human hair. These small jets can make very small detail possible in a wide range of applications which is very difficult for the traditional cutting method.

3. Structure
The main structure of a whole CNC water jet cutting machine includes cutting platform, CNC controller, dynamic-tilt cutting head, and high pressure system.
(1) Control System
The three-axis CNC control system of Salei not only can freely set the height of the cutter and the control the height of cutter manually during cutting, but also can match with 3D programs to CNC control the height of cutter during cutting, thereby the cutting technology can be greatly improving and exerting indefinite creative space. Salei water-jet provides perfect function of water level control, water level automatically rises up and the cutter performs noise-less underwater cutting when it starts to cut, greatly reducing water-dust splash as well.
(2) High Pressure System
It is necessary to use a dual-pressure system to cut friable materials such as glass, marble, granite, etc., it performs start in low pressure piercing and switch to high pressure cutting to ensure that a work piece is pierced without damage and simultaneously improve the cutting efficiency. The dual-pressure system of standard configuration provided by the Salei CNC waterjet cutter, the users needn’t purchase expensive dual pressure system as an optional unit, SL50 high pressure pump is the most valuable and powerful high pressure pump.
(3) Dynamic-Tilt Cutting Head
The Salei five-axis dynamic tilt cutting head: conventional water jet cutting has problem of taper and stream leg, people always reduce the speed to very slow to obtain higher quality, but still can’t completely solve the problem of taper and stream leg. When high quality is required, the five-axis dynamic tilt cutting head is necessary, and it can do totally vertical cut as well as bevel cut with limited degree. The Salei five-axis dynamic tilt cutting head can totally meet the requirement for cutting quality, it is revolutionary technical breakthrough in water-jet cutting application in obtain a vertical cutting and eliminate the stream leg.

4. Other Advantages of Water Jet Cutter in Salei
(1) Speed
Salei CNC waterjet cutter provide a common FLOW type cutting head(made by Salei) and ACCU type high efficiency cutting head(imported from USA). Especially, the ACCU cutting head can improve the cutting speed by more than 20% (cutting in conditions of same mixing tube, same jewel nozzles, same abrasive quantity and same pressure).
SL50 series water cutting machines is equipped with a 50 horsepower large-flow high pressure pump, the maximal diameter of jewel nozzles is 0.36 mm (0.014"), the cutting pressure can reach to 380MPa and even 420MPa, it can perform cutting with the maximal abrasive flow of 32kg/h, the cutting speed can be similar or over than most of water-jet cutters from USA, if it is matched with ACCU high efficiency cutting head.
Salei CNC waterjet cutter provides dual independent cutting heads, which can improve the cutting efficiency twice as long as it is equipped with DUAL INTENSIFIER of 100 high-pressure systems; the operation is very convenient and flexible as only one button can realize the selection of cutting by any head or simultaneous cutting by two heads. Moreover, the DUAL INDEPENDENT CUTTING HEADS has the advantages that when using one head can still use up the full cutting range of the machine, and the other head will automatically go to the safety position; when two heads are used for cutting, only inputting values and pressing a button can set the distance between both heads.
(2) Cost
For low cost abrasive waterjet cutting, the following aspects need to be taken into consideration:
Except the purchase cost, Abrasive and electricity are the main component of cutting cost, next is consumable parts and labour force cost and maintenance cost, water only accounts for a fraction of it:
ⅰ. Garnet abrasive: obtaining the maximal output by using less abrasive is the key to get success, but how to reduce the cost on abrasive? please refers to the section of Salei abrasive CNC feeder.
ⅱ. Consumable parts: Low-cost consumable parts and low-cost maintenance cost are equally important.Low-cost consumable parts means not only low price, but also for long time performance and good efficiency such as cutting speed and quality.
ⅲ. Purchase cost: Although a machine has extremely high quality, has enough fast cutting speed and high cutting quality, if the purchase cost is too high, the advantage is easily lost during fierce competition, so that the purchase cost is an important factor being taken serious consideration. (the best cutting quality needs taking the application of vertical compensating cutting head into consideration as conventional water jet cutting has the problem of taper cut and stream leg, for more details please refer to the section of Salei dynamic tilt cutting head).
(3) Precision
Salei gantry type waterjet cutting platform can ensure the plane precision of cut (the tolerance) ±0.05mm/500mm when cutting with high speed of 3000mm/min, this is extremely high cutting precision in waterjet cutting industry.
The precision of cutting with Salei five-axis dynamic tilt cutting head can be able to reach 0.010 of verticality (the verticality of conventional waterjet cutting is around 1.00).

Control Precision X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis: 0.001mm
Reposition Accuracy X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis: ±0.03mm
Cutting Tolerance Less than ±0.05mm
Plane Straightness Accuracy Less than ±0.03mm
Plane Verticality Less than ±0.03mm/300mm

(4) Durability
Salei CNC waterjet cutter auto-lubricating system can lubricate every joints of motion component, to ensure the machine can get the longest service life. All parts of SL50 series Salei high pressure pump intensifiers are interchangeable with the parts of FLOW type intensifiers of other well-known brands, you can have more choices for changing parts.
The common famous type of high pressure pumps around the world include Flow type, KMT type, JET EDGE type, OMAX direct drive type, etc., while the FLOW type high pressure pumps are widely used, many famous manufacturers are providing Flow type parts and even intensifier assemblies, SL50 series high pressure pumps is a new-generation optimized FLOW type high pressure pump, which is a mature stage product and provides extremely stable working performance.

Salei Waterjet Company has taken the replace ability of all motion parts and electric elements into consideration in designing, to give many choices to user who wants to reduce the time of machine stopping due to accident damage and waiting for replacement parts by the manufacturer after the Warrantee Finished.
Salei is always providing powerful technical support for clients, as long as the users feed back problems to Salei, the problems can be solved immediately.

New user expects for cutting good parts with simply operation, there is only several international famous brand manufacturers can provide simple-operation water-jet, Omax is the best on this field, and the solution is that the controller is internally provided with most of cutting materials and different thicknesses and provides different cutting quality options, operator can obtain the desired cutting quality only by making several simple choices, and Salei Waterjet is one of the manufacturers.
Salei Waterjet also provide the program pretreatment software: SL-NC Editor, it has powerful functions to post-process the original design from CAD/CAM CorelDraw or other software of dxf, plt, eng ,and G-code format file. For example, to add leading line with connecting point or over cut of each graphic, to specify the cutting sequence, position and direction, to compensate the kerf, to scale, rotate, and generate multiple arrayed graphics, even can specify different cutting speed in different line of the graphic, it is extremely convenient for cutting, and it is free with Salei water jet cutting machine!
The Salei Waterjet also provides complete instructions and guides for troubleshoot, and provides video teaching disk for high pressure pump, instructing maintenance and repair of high pressure pumps instantaneously.

By absorbing merits of similar CNC waterjet cutter and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family CNC waterjet cutter products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, cantilevered welding machine, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei CNC waterjet cutter have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.