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CNC Controller

CNC Water Jet Controller

Technical Data:
1. 3 Axis Linkage Motion Control:
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional programs are running independently or simultaneously, capability available in 3D cutting.
2. Free Nesting Software:
Programming, preprocessing and nesting are compounded in the NC Studio newest version
3. Advanced Simple Control Mode:
Salei put all the complex setting into "simple-start-button", user can just select the material and thickness then click "start" button, all will done in automatic.
4. Trailing Vertical Control:
Auto-down-speeding before turn or corner reduce the trailing in the maximum.
5. Dual-pressure System Control:
The cutting process us start cutting by a low-high pressure shift especially for the breakable material cutting to insure that no broken during the piercing.
6. Comprehensive Protection:
Inlet water and pneumatic intermit alarm. Over-load alarm check-valve disables alarm. Software-hardware limit.
7. Automatic Power-off Protection:
System can recode the work, coordinate when power-off, user can continue the program after power-on.
8. Ball screw Wear Backlash Compensation:
When ball-screw worn is down, user can set volume for the compensation.

Other Structure of CNC Controller:
The 3 axis industrial CNC control system is composed of following device:
1. "BENQ" LCD screen
2. DVD, USB, 810AISA main-board.
3. Pentium4-2.6GHz\1G EMS memory Driver system in 3 axis:
4. "Mitsubishi" or "FUJIL (high-precision encoder)" servo motor from Japan/"ABBA" or "HIWIN" ball-screw & liner guide-way from Taiwan in X and Y axis.
5. "THK" guide slider and Servo motor in "Z" axis from Japan.

Interior of the electric cabinet, the circuit is simple, the motion of all control servomotors and the opening and closing of all valves are controlled by an integrated motion card, and besides, only the servo driver and the relay for controlling valves can be seen.
The control panel is clear and simple, has no excessive keys, is waterproof, dustproof and rustproof.
Remote control keyboard remotely controlling the hand-operated forward and inverse directions of X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis; and remotely controlling starting, stop and pause of a program.
The side of the control cabinet is provided with a remote control keyboard and a pulse generator.
Signal generator Selecting the X-axis, or Y-axis, or Z-axis to perform single-axis fixed length running, making selection from 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10 mm/graduation, and running the set value of one length unit when rotating for one graduation.

By absorbing merits of similar CNC water jet controller and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family CNC water jet controller products including H-beam (light steel, heavy steel), T-beam welding production line, high-speed roll forming machine, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei CNC water jet controller have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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