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Waterjet Accessories

Waterjet Accessories

Abrasive CNC Feeder
Abrasive is the most source of cutting cost. Optimizing abrasive feeding quantity is extremely important to successful cutting of a water jet. Researches indicate that abrasive rather than high pressure water provides more than 85% of cutting power, and therefore, we try our best to improve the cutting power and utilization of abrasive.

There are two major factors affecting the cutting power of abrasive as follows:
Higher pressure water provides bigger cutting power. (That’s the reason we increase the cutting high pressure to 380mpa or more.)
High pressure water with bigger flow rate generates larger cutting power. (That’s the reason we increase the horsepower of pumps and the diameter of nozzles to obtain larger discharge of high pressure water.)
High pressure water is the carrier of abrasive, and water of high pressure and large flow rate can increase the cutting force of abrasive as it can carry more abrasive for cutting. But not the maximal abrasive feeding quantity can generate fastest cutting, on the contrary, too much abrasive will plug the mixing tube due to accumulation instead of generating faster cutting, thereby wasting the abrasive and reducing the cutting speed; and small quantity of abrasive greatly slows the cutting speed as well as increases the dependence of cutting on high pressure water, thereby increasing the wearing of high pressure pumps.

The abrasive CNC feeder designed by Salei Waterjet Company is a perfect solution to the problems by:
1、Controlling the cutting of a water jet with extremely accurate quantity of abrasive; and
2、Solving the troubles of plugging of abrasive and backing up of high pressure water as the computer is accurate in coordinating with the discharging time of abrasive.

The working principle of the abrasive CNC feeder:
1、 Computer sends pulses to control the stepping motor to generate the rotating speed required;
2、 The stepping motor drives the abrasive feeding wheel to uniformly rotate with different speeds so as to realize control of abrasive quantity by feeding rate or direct compile the information of abrasive quantity (G-code of rotating speed) into programs;
3、 Control the feed rate of "abrasive valve control" on the computer (as shown in the figure) can control the abrasive quantity, and also can directly compile the information of the abrasive quantity (rotating speed) into the program for program-control of the abrasive quantity.

Abrasive CNC Feeder
An accurately automatic abrasive supply system can greatly improve cutting efficiency as well as greatly save heavy abrasive feeding labor, and stabilizes the abrasive feeding process.
Salei Abrasive Recharger feeder with capacity of 100L (120kg) and 200L ( 250kg, for double cutting) realizes stable and smooth abrasive supply, user has no longer headache for abrasive blocking and abrasive supply failure. it is equipped with an abrasive empty alarm device (sound and lamp), an automatic air-water separator, an air pressure regulator and an over-high air pressure relief safety device.
Characteristics: simple and convenient operation, economical and excellent performance, supply for 24-hour continuous working.

Sullage Removal System
Function: absorb the sullage by the high efficiency auto-clear sullage pump, continual working between water tank and sullage case, thus the sullage deposit in the case, sewage vent back to water tank, until the case full with sullage, it is a automatic process, don’t need the manpower working.

Circulating Cooling Tower
Working principle: water, wind cooling for hydraulic intensifier system.
Use water circulation pump to pump cold water into the heat exchanger (panel-cooler) embedded in the high pressure system, the heat exchanged to hot water and flow up by pump to make shower, exhaust fan making heat exchange by convection cold air against to the shower, so finally the heat has exchanged into hot air and release from the top of the cooling tower.
The working power consumption is 1.25 kilowatt, including the cooling tower fan and the water circulating pump.
The defect is that dust is sucked into the tower and settles in the pipelines and panel-cooler, and the cooling efficiency become more and more worse after long time running, the only solution is add coolant into the circulation water monthly, to keep the pipelines and panel-cooler always clean.

By absorbing merits of similar waterjet cutter accessories and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family waterjet cutter accessories products including shot blasting machine, T-beam welding production line, bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line, and steel structure cold roll forming production line as well as CNC waterjet cutting machine. With years development, Salei waterjet cutter accessories have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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